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WE ARE LIVE!!! e-Filing for Civil Limited and Unlimited is now available.
This site allows you to electronically file documents in limited and unlimited civil actions to the Los Angeles Superior Court.

To view the Los Angeles Superior Court General Order re: Mandatory Electronic Filing for Civil, click here.
About e-Filing

  • Electronically file your new case or subsequent filings on an existing case
  • Government Entity filers are exempt from filing fees if GC 6103 compliant
  • Submit one lead document per transaction (e.g. Complaint, Answer, Motion)
  • Submit the Civil Case Coversheet and Addendum as one scanned document
  • Attach uneditable/flattened PDF document to each filing
How to Register:
Law Firms, Attorney Service Companies and Self Represented Parties
Anyone who wish to participate in e-Filing can now register online by creating an account without contacting Journal Technologies.

File a New Case File on Existing Case
Sensitive Information
Sensitive personal information must be removed or redacted. Sanctions can be imposed for including Social Security and Financial Information in filed documents... (read more)
Per-use Fees
A $4.95 eFiling Service Provider fee plus 2.75% of any Court filing fee will be collected for each electronic submission through this website. This is in addition to any regular Court filing fees.
Additional Information

LASC e-Filing: Frequently Asked Questions

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